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Sober Living In Delray Beach is a resource offered to those who have successfully completed a drug or alcohol treatment program. It is one of many options for ongoing treatment and is not an addict’s first step towards recovery. Most addicts at this stage are aware of the costs and effects their disease has had on themselves and their families.    A sober living home in Delray Beach is their next step after enduring more intense treatment.


The reason for going to a sober living home varies from person to person. Most have simply realized they are not ready to integrate back into their everyday life. Many fear being quested by their friends, spouses or parents. A sober living home allows them to continue their recovery within the confines and safety of a more structured living arrangement.

Family can actually be the very factor that causes the addict to relapse. Their ignorance of the disease becomes part of the problem. Therefore, the support of other addicts is extremely beneficial. A family who doesn’t understand or appreciative the complexities of an addiction can easily hinder the recovery of an addict. Most see it as simple willpower and make comments that are not conducive to recovery.

Sober living offers peer influence while teaching them how to remain focused on living without drugs or alcohol. The majority of residents do not have any criminal history. Most of them come to the home voluntarily after intense in or outpatient treatment. Those who have entered through the court system became criminals because they violated laws relating to being under the influence or possession.

The number of sober living homes has increased due to a solution that required alternative treatment in such an environment as opposed to jail time. Treatment has proven to be very effective. One year after treatment, 53% maintain sober living.

Many people have reservations about a sober living home coming to their neighborhood. The reality is that the people living in sober living homes are friends, relatives and other people just like us. The only difference is that they suffer from an addiction.

Real world transition from a treatment center can be jarring to recovering addicts. In that case they must leave a safe environment and face the same dangers and temptations that haunted them prior to treatments. They must face these challenges all at the same time they are learning to cope with newly learned, healthier habits. A sober living home offers a more comfortable transition to returning to everyday life.

Residents can stay in a sober living home for years if they choose. However, the average stay is three to six months. Some residents are comfortable in staying at a sober living home all weekend and then returning to their loved ones on the weekend. This is a privileged not always awarded to all residents. It is granted based on prior relapse history as well as their present “home” situation.

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